"According to the Great Commission of Jesus the Lord, our mission is to provide relief to the orphan children and children at risk in Tanzania, relieving suffering and promoting their interests. Providing basic social services and caring for them with a safe home, school fees or school and spiritual guidance. "

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Update – April 15, 2019

We thank God for helping Elina, she has now finished repaying the cost of the sewing machine, she received from the center in Oct. 2017! Her sewing skills have definitely improved and she has sewn dresses for two of our

Update – April 12, 2019

‘Doctors’ in the making! Our youngest children love wearing the jackets they painted a couple of years ago! When they wear these jackets they think they are doctors! God willing a seed has been sown and in the future we

Update – April 2, 2019

Recently we took the opportunity to measure the height of our children. The last time we did this was in October 2017! Some of our children have slightly increased in height, while others have definitely grown taller! We thank God