"According to the Great Commission of Jesus the Lord, our mission is to provide relief to the orphan children and children at risk in Tanzania, relieving suffering and promoting their interests. Providing basic social services and caring for them with a safe home, school fees or school and spiritual guidance. "

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Update- December 10, 2018

Thanking God for my directors Henry & Darlene and for our Tanzanian board members! I thank God for my directors who are visionaries and for our Tanzanian board members who are pastors and a doctor! Praise God for a great

Update- December 04, 2018

Our secondary school males looking rather dashing in their new outfits for Christmas and the center’s new uniform for next year! And absolutely gorgeous are a few of the girls with their new outfits! Thanking God for the sponsor who

Letter Of Sponsor December- 2018

To Proclaim the Gospel; Equip the next generation; Mobilize the church worldwide 10 December 2018 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If any one hears my voice and opens the Door; I will come in and